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Community Pages

Burbage has many clubs and community groups that are all run by local people, for local people and serve the interests of all the residents. We hope each of them will take this opportunity to have their own page (or mini-site) here on the new Burbage News website.

Please click on any of them that interest you to go to the page for that particular club and find out when and where it meets, what it is doing and how to join.

It may take a while for us to complete this section and if you want your club listed here, please do tell us and we will get you started as soon as possible. The  system is currently being tested for ease of use

The Group Organisers maintain their own pages and any comment should be sent to them in the first instance.  Their contact details are shown on their respective pages.  If you have done that but feel that further action is needed please contact us



BEAM is an association of over three hundred households in Burbage and the surrounding area that have joined together to purchase their domestic heating oil at an advantageous and competitive market price.

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Burbage & Easton Royal Cricket Club

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   British Legion Club

Properly known as the
Burbage and Easton Royal British Legion Club Limited (BERBL Club)

The BERBL Club is a family-based, members (and guests) club operating under licence from the Royal British Legion


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   Burbage Signing Choir

Burbage Signing Choir is a group of local Ladies (although Gentlemen are most welcome to join) who meet regularly to learn to sign to popular songs (using BSL), with the aim of raising deaf awareness and to raise money for a deaf related charity.


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