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The Burbage Signing Choir.


The Burbage Signing Choir was formed more than 15 years ago by Jean Bierschenk and Cynthia Mitchell. Both of Jean's parents were deaf and she used sign lanuage from an early age. Another of the founding members was Sarah O'Donnell, who lives in the village and is herself profoundly deaf.


The idea was for the group to meet regularly and to learn to sign to Christmas songs and carols, and to raise deaf awareness in the community. They perform at a number of locations and events in the area, mostly later in the year in the lead up to Christmas. They do not charge a fee but any donations received are given to a deaf charity.


Some of the members have visited local schools and the children have learnt many of the songs the group perform. The children of Burbage school, who regularly sing christmas songs at the Good Companions Christmas lunch, really enjoy joining in with the signing as well.


Our Member Tina, who joined us more recently, has a son called Aaron who is himself deaf He is attending Liverpool University in 2016 and has a "hearing dog" called "Ellie" with him to help him socialise at uni.



If you are interested in joining the Burbage Signing Choir, or would like them to perform at your event, please contact Jean or Cynthia


Contact Details:
Jean Bierschenk / Cynthia Mitchell
810451 / 810026